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Want to Drop 5 Strokes Off Your Handicap in Just 2 Weeks with Minimal Practice?

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Dear Fellow SGA Member,

Drop 5 strokes in 2 weeks? Sounds easy, but if you’ve been playing this game long enough, you know better…

You go the driving range (maybe even hitting 2 large buckets at a time)

You spend a lot of time working on your short game. You tinker with your putting constantly (left hand low, claw grip, etc…)

And still never make any progress.

In the never-ending quest to improve, your game stalls out, or in some cases even gets worse.

And just to add insult to injury…

There’s “this guy” at your local course (maybe he’s even in your group) that seemingly never practices, still has “old” clubs in his bag (from the George W. Bush Whitehouse days), and yet somehow manages to wax everyone else and take their money.

What gives?

Is it natural talent?

Better equipment? (Obviously not if he’s hitting irons from 2005)


Or does he simply know something about the golf swing (and his own game) that you don’t?

After coaching thousands of students both in person and through my online programs, I can tell you without question it’s the latter.

While a guy like that makes the game look “casual” and “effortless,” rest-assured he has mastered the fundamentals from tee-to-green and has a “blueprint” that he executes every time he plays…

This is the secret... it’s why he plays so well!

While he’s going out there with a finely-tuned game plan (even though he “claims” to just wing it), you’re arriving at the course everyday with a mess of thoughts (no reliable fundamentals, no game plan, etc.) that totally ruin your chances of success before you ever step on the 1st tee!

What if you could fix this issue?

What if you could master all of the fundamentals from tee-to-green, and drop 5 strokes off of your handicap with minimal practice as a result?

What if you could hit your driver straight, flush your iron shots, hit those “spinning wedges”, and make a few more putts every time you play?

Wouldn’t it be a blast to do that and have your buddies asking “who is this guy?”

You can, if you have a simple blueprint to follow from a proven PGA professional that has routinely over delivers results for students time and time again.

And with that said...


“I Developed my Drop 5 Strokes Video Course to Give Golfers of ALL Ability Levels a Simple Blueprint to Lower their Handicap by 5 Strokes, in 2 Weeks, With Less than 1 Hour of Practice Per Week”

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Here’s what you’re about to discover inside Drop 5 Strokes:

video 1
Video #1:

Perfect Grip Fundamentals for Solid, Consistent Shots

Grey Tick

The 4 grip fundamentals that all top players have in common (miss just one, and you’ll never be consistent)

Grey Tick

An anti-slice “grip hack” that will ensure you square the clubface with ease (if you fight a hook, you’ll see the “anti hook” grip hack as well)

Grey Tick

The little known role your right hand must play at impact to ensure a solid, consistent strike

video 2
Video #2:

Posture Mastery

An Athletic Address Position Built for Speed, Power and Accuracy (Whether You’re 18 or 80)
Grey Tick

Why you’ll never hit solid shots with poor posture (and what to do about it)

Grey Tick

The quick, 5 second adjustment that will take you from looking like a “weak” amateur to a seasoned professional

Grey Tick

The perfect stance width that will have you feeling like a mighty oak tree (but with more than enough mobility and flexibility to hit powerful, accurate shots all day long)

video 2
video 3
Video #3:

Simple Swing Plane Secrets

How to Use the Club for “Perfect Plane”
Grey Tick

How to “obey the laws of the shaft” and 10x your repeatability factor (this point alone is worth the price of admission)

Grey Tick

My weird bucket trick that makes it impossible to take the club away too far to the inside (which is the “move of death” for many amateur players)

Grey Tick

The crazy tip I swiped from David Leadbetter that makes it “ridiculously easy” to swing the club on plane

video 4
Video #4:

Mastering Solid Contact

How to Hit it Flush Consistently
Grey Tick

My simple “tee drill” that will give you incredible clubface & club path awareness through the impact zone...where you need it most

Grey Tick

The secret to delofting the club and “exposing” the sweet spot on your irons (every pro and top amateur achieves this position at impact)

Grey Tick

How to “train your brain” to hit solid shots (using the same methods teachers use to teach kids how to write...because it works!)

video 4
video 5
Video #5:

The Lower Body Secrets for More Power & Distance

Grey Tick

The power leak that’s probably costing you at least 20 yards off of the tee

Grey Tick

My downswing “snap the towel” drill that will show you how to use your lower body properly (and in the perfect sequence) on the downswing

Grey Tick

Why rotating your hips isn’t enough, and what you should do instead to maximize power and “use the ground” correctly

video 6
Video #6:

Driver Domination

How to Bomb Your Tee Shots & Find More Fairways
Grey Tick

The secret to “building speed” that ensures you reach your full potential at the moment of truth...impact

Grey Tick

Why feeling “out of control” with the driver is actually a very good thing (this one surprises all my students)

Grey Tick

How to avoid the dreaded “reverse sequence” that causes most golfers to hit their drives all over the lot

Grey Tick

The single key to optimizing your angle of attack to lower your spin rate and hit longer, straighter, more penetrating drives

video 6
video 7
Video #7:

The Irons

How to Hit High, Piercing Iron Shots and Get More Looks at Birdie
Grey Tick

The “odd” secret to making solid contact that results in better accuracy and precise distance control

Grey Tick

How to automatically load the club and time your release perfectly for flush iron shots that pierce through the sky (even on those windy days)

Grey Tick

A key backswing drill that keeps you in balance so that you can deliver the club to the back of the ball consistently

video 2
Video #8:

Pure Putting

The Science and Feel of a Perfect Stroke
Grey Tick

The ideal arm-to-shaft angle for a simple, repeatable stroke (regardless of what style of grip you prefer)

Grey Tick

How to eliminate “nerves” from your putting stroke by creating a tripod effect (no anchoring required)

Grey Tick

The one foundational principle of putting that all great putters have in common (you must do this to hole more putts consistently)

video 8
video 9
Video #9:

Get Up and Down from Anywhere by Mastering Pitching & Chipping

Grey Tick

How to develop reliable touch as quickly as possible (some people say you can’t teach “feel,” but I’m busting that myth right here)

Grey Tick

Using the ideal impact position to “reverse engineer” your setup for solid contact and a more consistent chipping motion

Grey Tick

Why your upper body motion is the key to consistent contact & distance control on pitch & chip shots

video 10
Video #10:

Effortless Bunker Play

How to “Thump the Sand” and Hit it Close
Grey Tick

How to apply pressure to the ball through the sand for consistent bunker play

Grey Tick

The precise amount of extra speed you need to get the ball out of the bunker and close to the hole (ignoring this fact is why most amateurs struggle from the bunker)

Grey Tick

Why you can’t just “take a bunker lesson” and magically become a great bunker player (hint: it ties back to swing fundamentals)

video 10

Drop 5 Strokes is an online course, and the results you’ll get are equivalent to taking 5 one-on-one lessons with me personally.

I’m dropping a lot of knowledge, drills, etc. in these 10 videos that I know will help you shave 5 strokes off of your scores consistently if you implement what I teach…


The best part?

It takes very little practice, and I go out of my way to keep golf instruction simple.

Who am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is Adam Bazalgette, and I was the Director of Instruction at the prestigious David Leadbetter Golf Academy for 14 years.

I have been a Class A PGA professional for over 30 years, highly in demand, and with a very long waiting list. I currently operate Scratch Golf Academy in Naples, FL.

Here are a few cool things about me:

Who am I

I was voted Teacher of the Year by Southwest Florida PGA in 1998 & 2008.

I’ve worked with players on the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tours, as well as many of the top NCAA players in the country.

I’ve appeared on the golf channel many times.

I’ve given over 30,000 lessons in my professional career (about 1,000 lessons/year for 30 years for you math junkies out there)...

I was voted by Gulf Shore Magazine as one of the top 10 teaching pros of all time.

Best of all...I’ve literally helped thousands of students (both in person and over the internet) drop 5 strokes off of their scorecard... consistently.

I don’t say this to brag (really...most of my students would refer to me as a humble, down to earth guy).

I’m telling you this so that you know who you are dealing with, and what level of instruction you can expect inside my Drop 5 Strokes video course (recorded in full HD).

(Plus as you’ll see below...this program is literally 100% risk-free for you to try. I take all the risk...more on that in a minute)

Here are a few things you can expect to learn inside my Drop 5 Strokes video course

You’re going to get the fundamentals “reboot” you need to get rid of all of your head trash, start hitting better golf shots, and lower your scores...including:

Posture mastery. If you don’t set up to the ball consistently, you will never hit consistent shots. I’ll show you how to master the address position on every. single. shot.

The one professional “feel” you need when starting your backswing to ensure a perfect wrist set every time.

How to “pure” your iron shots by achieving the perfect amount of forward shaft lean & extension through the ball.

The proper way to use your hips & legs for “real” distance, accuracy, and consistency.

How to use every club exactly as it was designed to achieve a perfect swing plane.

My sneaky “slope trick” for lowering your driver spin rate and hitting the ball 10, 20, or even 30 yards further off of the tee.

How to drastically improve your touch around the greens, and have the confidence to hit a wide variety of short game shots (flop shots, the “skip and check” pitch shot, etc.)

The secret putting technique used by the top putters on the PGA & LPGA tours that help them roll the ball online and with perfect speed consistently.

And so much more (I’m so excited for you to see this video course, I can’t even think of all of the “good stuff” inside right now!)

If right now you’re thinking “sounds great, but it just might be a little too good to be true”...I understand.

Here’s what some of students are saying about my Drop 5 Strokes video course

Christina Winegar Napa, California
Richard Wesselmann Moraga, California

“Adam provides a unique teaching technique that is not overly burdened with technical have-toos. Rather the emphasis is on a few technical aspects that start with the grip, posture, a naturally induced swing plane, and how to make contact all the way from the driver, through the irons and into chipping and bunker play.”

Ben Gonzales Littleton, CO

“This is a great synopsis of your great instruction. I also had my wife try some of your drills and she was amazed at her improvement with slicing, putting and sand play. The course also helps identify areas where I can get additional in depth information on your website. I really like your style of instruction!”

Bob Harden Austin, TX

“This is a wonderful compilation of video’s focusing on the basic fundamentals of ten important areas of golf. In a very short time I was able to identify areas of practice using your drills that will certainly drop five strokes from my handicap! Very thoughtful training on your part. Thanks again!”

Mike Miller Chandler, AZ

What if you could get results like these by mastering the fundamentals and practicing just a few minutes per week?

That’s exactly what you get when you invest in my Drop 5 Strokes video course today!

Important: These videos are not available publicly on the Internet, and never will be.

“Ok Adam Let’s Get To It... How Much Is Your Drop 5 Strokes Video Course Going To Cost Me?”

If you were to come visit me at my teaching studio in Naples for just 1 hour, it would set you back $150 (not to mention travel expenses).

And honestly, there is no way we could cover even 1/10th of what is covered in my Drop 5 Strokes video course in a one hour lesson...it just isn’t possible.

Not to mention that once the lesson is over, you’ve got to work hard to remember everything, and not revert back to old habits.

You don’t have me right in front of you at your convenience (on your TV or laptop) teaching you my fundamentals reboot system.

So...based on the fact that you pay for this video course one time (and you literally have access forever), it’s probably worth $97 right?

But I’m not selling it for that...no way.

In fact, because you’re a new subscriber to Scratch Golf Academy, I thought I would give you the opportunity to get lifetime access to the Drop 5 Strokes video course today for just $47.

Then I thought to myself, “ah what the heck, I’ll do it for just $17.

So there you have it... a 63.8% discount on my Drop 5 Strokes video course that is only available to new subscribers for $17 bucks.

By clicking the button below and using our secure checkout, you’re going to get lifetime access to the Drop 5 Strokes video course for a one-time payment of $17.

This won’t last long, as we will probably raise the price back up to $47 in the near future. If you want it, now is the time to get it (especially since there is no risk on your part).


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Scratch Golf Academy’s

No Stress, 30-Day Guarantee


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And after 30 days, if you feel it didn’t deliver in any way, then you will get all your money back, no questions-asked.

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Are You Ready to End Years of Frustration and Drop 5 Strokes in 5 Weeks with Little Practice? Or Will You Keep Doing the Same Old Thing?


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Ready to start shooting 5 strokes lower on a consistent basis? Let’s get started!


-Adam Bazalgette

Founder - Scratch Golf Academy
Creator of the Drop 5 Strokes video course

P. S. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ll likely be raising the price to $47 very soon, so you may never have another chance to take advantage of this 100% risk free offer for just $17 bucks.

I’ll even let you “test drive” the video lessons in this course for 30 days, and if you don’t feel I’ve delivered on my promises, email me for a prompt refund. No hassles, no questions asked.